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Yes, your message is my problem I'm a mom of 3 going through a divorce after 30 years and I still can't let go I know he wasn't good for me, but I was comfortable I had grandkids who still ask me where I'm at, so my home life is broken even if it was not perfect. Its still hard to love my self 2nd. My daughter hates and won't let me see my grandbabies.


It is statistically proven it takes up to a half of the amount of time to mourn or grieve a heartbreak that you were with a person. 30 years is a long time and recovery period could be 10 years. But if you know this isn't good any amount you make pulling away is progress. And two steps forward one step back, I get it. It's okay to think of past as long as we don't feel there. You're too much love and light to become that pillar of salt❤️



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