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Meet Corie

Hey there, my intention is to help guide you to your most abundant timeline. I use my gifts as an empath, healer, Clair cognizance, clairvoyant, and clairsentience to channel guidance and healing from the Divine as well as your Higher Self. My mission is to help you reconnect with The Divine, your own intuition, body, mind and soul. 

I started this journey, much as you might have in rock bottom with only one way to go. As I was sitting on my porch I heard God say "everything is all encompassing of me." From then on I obtained all of the knowledge and understanding I could about the ascension journey I had just begun. This led me to the nontraditional way of Tarot, Energy Healing, Spiritual Teaching and Herbalism in which I have found my home. My purpose is to lead by example bridging the gap from the Old 3D Earth to the New 5D Earth. If you desire to reach your highest potential in this lifetime, you are in the right spot. 

 I cannot wait to work with you.

- Psychic Intuitive Card Reader/Channel

- Spiritual Advisor

- Certified Trauma Spotting Through Source Tapping Specialist

-Certified in Herbal Medicine.

Woman Praying

Healing Intuition Prayer

The Prayer I say before every reading!

Dear God, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels, I open myself up as a channel to relay messages in the highest white light for the collective. I am so grateful for the discernment, the wisdom, the clarity, the clear concise messages and the protection, to be in service of you God and to be in service of the collective. I call in all Galactic Beings of the light, Ancestors of the light, Guardian Angels of the light, Spirit Guides of the light,  Ascended Masters of the light and any other Celestial Beings of the light that would like to assist me in these messages. Thank you God for choosing me to be a conduit of healing messages and healing energy. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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