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When we think in the context of unity consciousness and how those in our life are reflections of ourselves as we heal and we release people from the past that were previously mirrors for us it does cause grief. This is because not only are you saying goodbye to people that once had a big part in your life but you are also saying goodbye to the parts of yourself that were mirrored through these people.

This is not an easy thing to do, it takes real strength, courage and self love to know that what once was might not be what is aligned with what is now. It takes even more strength, courage and self love to do better and to actually release.

Understand that sometimes we are only releasing for a temporary time because we need to gain control of those shadows that were mirrored to us before we can come back together. There are some though that may never come back, your future self will thank you for creating the space to flourish in.

You are strong and never alone, become your own best friend you deserve it!

I am not saying run and release everyone in your life, but to allow those that are falling off or leaving to do so.

I love you!!!!

Daniel Stevens


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