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Ann " Smartypants"... I'm honoring you and the nickname bestowed upon me. ( of course the storyteller in me has more to say🙄 bare with me)

When you first suggested it, I was confused I couldn't even remember the character Norm. I looked him up

( superficially) and said Oh hell no! 😂 I don't do bars or beer and try* not to be too passive aggressive sarcastic😬 (hope I don't look like that haha..)

BUT .... you should know my first impression of you. I adore you and my first observation was oh she reads essence.. Not just energy which shifts around ; rather Like me, you probably remember essence about a person over their face or name.

Also, in my head I never could just call you Ann you've been Ann "smartypants" . First because that's what I read when I glanced at your name but after because you are wise and don't miss much😉 That said , I knew I must delve deeper into Norm" we must share essence 😂 After all, It's Ann Smartpants saying this😇

The YT video of his funniest moments didn't do it for me. The wiki on his character development did.🤗

I will proudly wear his name... Tink fits and brings out more of Eli so let's see what Norm lends me🤓 ( I'm putting aside my policy of never hiding behind a sudo name so be gentle ✌)

Thank You Love you too💞💜😘



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