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Grand Rising!!!

I am feeling a huge release of striving energy family!

This is not to say we are giving up but we are no longer persisting towards things that Source is trying to pull us away from.

I do feel a little fear around this because like what is next then?? Right?!

This is a reminder that sometimes we don't know the plan and that is the point.

There is a little energy around things rising that could feel like or you may perceive as your intuition, check again and see if it brings fear or peace.

If the answer is fear that is not your intuition that is something that is ready to be released. If it is peace then you are spot on and carry on LOL!

Leave the hustling to the hustlers because you are here to enjoy life. Open yourself up to receive and allow all that you need and want to flow through you. You are the most attractive when you are in the vibration of authenticity!

I am feeling this strong urge from the Divine as well as the Collective Higher Self that is making it very uncomfortable for you to continue to self abandon. Listen Linda!!!!!!

You know the truth.. now be the truth you were built for this!!

There will be ridicule and people may look at you like they are crazy but this is just what God wants because while they are looking Source will swoop in and change it all for you in front of their eyes.

The point is collective you are the example, you are leading the way.

It is time we walk the walk!

I love you!



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