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Although time is not "real" or shall we say linear it is one of the most precious things that we all often times unintentionally take advantage of.

Suddenly I am feeling a reflection energy, as you are looking over how you have spent your time. Rather than being hard on yourself where you wish you would have spent more time just use that awareness to do better.

Some may jump to being hard on yourself but I want to remind you that at any given time we are literally doing the best we can given all circumstances and states of consciousness.

Don't only reflect on the times you wish you would have spent elsewhere or focused on other people/things, reflect on the times that you used wisely. Be proud of yourself family, you have come such a long way and fought some really hard battles.

The Divine wants to remind you that you are different. "We are not the same I am a Marshan" - Lil Wayne... you see. You are not meant to fit in and some of you are trying so hard to do exactly what you came here to NOT do. This is your blockage. Be yourself, those that matter won't mind and those that mind don't matter.

You may have to release some people that you don't want to but it is this lifetime that you chose to love yourself. Not to be selfish but so that you can thrive and grow. You are meant to LIVE not just to survive. If they choose not to support you on where your soul is guiding you that is actually their choice.

Sometimes the hardest decisions bring through the biggest breakthroughs. As long as you do and choose anything aligned with self love everything else will fall into place.

I love you!

Daniel Stevens
Bonnie Muse


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