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Corie?... Maybe I'm the only one that needs it; but can you or anyone please post transitioning from membership here to Patron for dummies steps? Or a statement of your vision for this , again?

Here's my issues #1. I couldn't join or go through from the Patron site; So, I downloaded The Patron App. It let me join but... #2. The app only had a $7.00 membership.

So currently I'm joined but just $7.00😐. I haven't stopped my scheduled payments here at ApotheCorieBoutique because 😲 you'd lose guaranteed revenue and the rest of what you offer is more gig work like in that it can fluctuate a lot.

When I was first trying to looked like I could do $7.00 or 18.90 and even just donate ( via site)but now that I'm on the App and joined at $7.00, #3. I can't find an option to upgrade or donate.

Oh! Yeah even on the App I had to join for "free" before I could upgrade to $7.00

Somebody help 😵 I'm not working Patron properly? oh also are there still members meetings here or will there be a way on Patron?

Maybe some kind of Pinned announcement with brief how to instructions? ( someone do it for Corie she doesn't lke talking money and I'm sure her hands are full😉😏)

PS. Please keep the ApotheCorieBoutique $20. Membership this month. While everyone's transitioning. I'll cancel it next month. It's budgeted.

Thanks 💞✌✨



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