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Hey Family!

One of our family member's said something profound during a session yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.

We were discussing some of the current trials she is experiencing and she said "I understand this is something God wanted to experience through me."

I wanted to share this because it clicked at a deeper level that we are not separate from but extensions of Source our Creator. Which then removed separation from my desired experiences as well at a deeper level.

This also brought me to a deeper understanding of this energy almost like God challenging itself through us. Giving us the opportunity to show it the masterpiece it has co-created within us to overcome challenging situations.

How we choose to handle our current situation is what will attract what comes next.

We can trust that through co-creation anything is possible given that it will be in service in some way to the collective. Even if it is serving through your vibration because it brings you joy.

When you can get into a childlike perspective that we are having this human experience to learn lessons and test life in different ways. Like a child at a new playground playing on all of the equipment to find what he likes best. It takes off a little bit of the pressure because we know as any good parent, God is there to catch us if we fall.

Reverie B


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