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"Over staying my welcome"

This is a message that has been coming through to me for a couple of weeks now. I was planning on doing something different with it but I am also feeling very strongly there is a collective message here as well. Especially since it came through for a family member yesterday during a call.

There is nothing wrong with going, but do not over stay your welcome.

Take this completely as it resonates because it will be different for everyone.

Whoever/wherever or whatever this has to do with it doesn't mind you staying, it may actually benefit from it. There are some reasons why you would stay I am sure but the Divine is saying there is so much for you to explore as well. This could be tied to the past and it is okay to visit sure but don't over stay because there is so much new to discover.

Some of you are still feeling very uncertain of the new, so you may avoid exploring it a little by visiting the old or sitting stagnant.

It is safe to move, even if you find that you chose you went in a direction you don't like later on you can even change it!!!

There are no wrong answers just make some decisions and stick to them love. Don't try to use logic just do what brings you the most joy and watch how God will help you take nothing and turn it into something ;)

Dena Jones
Yendis Caulborne


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