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Grand Rising My Loves!

Collectively we are going to start seeing all of the inner work we have been doing to realign our life is going to start reflecting in the physical in different ways of self love.

This may show up in ways of naturally releasing habits, places and things.

What you watch and listen to may be shifting to more high vibrational media.

You may find yourself more naturally in the present moment.


A stronger desire to be in service.

Making more choices that honor self/family rather than people pleasing.. not only just making the boundaries but feeling comfortable with them with no shame or guilt.

A stronger desire to connect more with The Divine.

Loosing tolerance/acceptance of 3D traditions ... public school, holidays, working 9-5, the Government.. ect. These are things you possibly have been aware of the corruption but it is almost like your higher self is no longer just allowing you to turn your head.

Are there any other shifts in the physical you are experiencing you would like to share?


Daniel Stevens
Alicia Hartwell


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