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😅 Hey Family!!!

Soo sorry for my absence here, but as everything in my life it was divinely guided!

Life really does take a lot of twists and turns and if you just "lean with it, rock with it" you will end up in places you never thought you would, doing things you never thought you would do. Feeling feelings you never knew existed!

If you are someone that struggles to take care of their human vessel as one should then this is a message for you!

Things like a skin care routine, drinking water, eating healthy, exercising and so on those are all things we do with our feminine energy. I know I used to wonder why the hell I didn't just naturally do them so easily like others, why didn't I have the drive or the will. This is because in fight or flight we are in our masculine energy as the protector and the warrior. As you continue to heal and balance the feminine energy you will just naturally begin these healthy habits.

So don't put too much pressure on yourself if your not quite where you want to be on this self love journey.

This has been give yourself grace with Corie 🤗

I love you guys!!!



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