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Today in Corie's Grand rising live chat, a few people expressed some life glitches. They are often characteristic of Mercury Retrograde.

Excuse the sensationalized title on this video, because it has helpful content.

Corie has been stressing for us to remember our lives are created from inside out.

I know this reminder helps me, especially when planetary alignments ask me to revisit past issues and attitudes. This video reminds us again.

Personally I see Mercury retrograde's timing this year as a gift from the Universe. Many of us do an internal audit this time of year. We ask ourselves what to leave behind and what new beginnings we want to prepare to meet in the New Year. 2024🎉 Mercury Retrograde can amplify the things we need to release or or need to work on🕵

Spoiler alert: Gratitude helps💁🤗 Our fearless leader has been setting this example per usual.. Thank you Corie💞

Enjoy!!! 💜✨💝

Nino Buck


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