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Helloooo... been a min since I've done this. But I felt an urgency for this specific event. So tomorrow is the New moon in Cappy and also the 1/11 portal. What I've came to understand about tomorrow is, we are to make looooooong term intentions (like 5-10 yr plans). Its apparently so important that, we are suggested to do our rituals however u may do urs. To each their own, you get it. 😁 So remember what u want 2024 to look like for you. Remember were in the year of the 8. Growth, inspiration, health, love, abundance...all the good things. All the stuffs. It's the first new moon of the year. Make 2024 for YOU. No more negative people, places, or things. Those are in the past. Think of it like this...what does it look like or feel like to you when someone truly loves you? Even the little things. Whatever u are thinking of....DO THOSE THINGS FOR YOURSELF. 🤘🧡🔥



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