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Grand Rising Beautiful Family!! “Tough Break” … I feel as though some of you just ended a major cycle just in time, it feels like it could have been something your higher self stepped in on and said this is enough. Like it could have been something or someone that at one time you never thought you would live without which may make this harder than you expected. You can do what’s best and still feel sad about it, that’s okay. For some of you this is just a temporary separation because you are meant to start a fresh cycle with someone. For others whatever or whoever this was it will be replaced with all of the peace, joy, love, kindness, service and passion you have aligned yourself to! You’re not letting the past hold you back and that’s very commendable. Sacrificing comfort for the betterment of yourself and others will continue to take you places you never thought imaginable.

You are seen and loved so deeply!


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