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I hope you all had the best weekend!

I keep hearing just wait...

I am picking up on a collective energy that feels a little frustrated or irritated. Kind of like this WTF energy.

Ride out the wave because there is validity in how you feel, but why is this coming up? I am picking up on big abandonment wounds, some of you may be feeling abandoned by the Divine.

The Divine has not gone anywhere, but this feeling is ready to be released.

Behind this follows huge breakthroughs.

How ever this is showing up for you, abandonment or otherwise, it cannot go where you are going. All of those seats are taken by peace, joy, abundance, kindness, love, and family.

You are NEVER alone... EVER.

When things don't go how we plan that can sometimes trigger this this is another layer to that onion of trusting that what The Divine has planned is far better than what we could even imagine.

And sometimes The Divine just likes to show off a little 😉 when they suddenly flip the script!

I love you!

Nino Buck
Daniel Stevens


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