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Healing Intuition Group

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I'm feeling another wave of strong empowerment and confidence coming through collectively. This one to me is showing up in ways of accepting my flaws and knowing that I'm still worthy of peace, joy, love, community and abundance.

Anything that we feel may be "flawed" about ourselves is most likely a trauma response.

Maybe there is opportunity or maybe it's your perception that is "flawed".

How is this empowering then?! Well we know that collectively we are healing our trauma which brings in this level of peace around knowing that you may still be learning a lesson but your right where you should be. Just like all the other trauma responses you have already released these too shall go in their own Divine Timing.

Taking this immense pressure off yourself and just really love YOU right now as you are. This is the largest step you can take towards becoming the best version of yourself!


Gretchen Reed


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